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RoofingAnother day, another post on the current status of job opportunities. My uncle runs 24 hour towing Aurora Colorado and knows a respected individual from Denver that represents the roofers union across the country. I did ask if I could profile him on our site and push his brand for folks to see but he kindly declined.

However he did mention wanting to expand across these areas and recruit more men and women. He has been in the roofing game for about 20 years, he is well known and respected. When it comes down to the unions he is a pit-bull and stands up for what he believes in, that’s creating jobs. I will be posting two links below, one representing the U.S. Roofers unions and the other Representing Canada.

Canada Roofers Link

U.S. Roofers Link

Now his name does float around these areas but he did want to remain anonymous, I guess he was concerned with the conflict of interest thing. He does encourage individuals to get hooked up with a Roofers union if you want steady and secure work for years to come. Before you do that take a look at some Pros and Cons that come with being a Licensed Roofer.


  1. Once you are in the union your are in it’s like a brotherhood pay your dues and you will have no issues.
  2. The Pay can range from $33,000-$40,000 per year.
  3. It is a skill set you can take with you anywhere you go on this planet.


  1. Having to miss a days work due to rain or snow.
  2. Another reason to miss a day of work could be cold temperatures. Some Roofing unions do not allow folks to work if the temp is 29 degrees or lower.
  3. Dealing with roofs on a angle, some roofers prefer to work on a flat surface that consist of rubber. There is a special solution that they use to bond pieces together.

My anonymous source views the future of roofing as a profession that more and more folks will get into. He would also warn that if you have a fear of heights STAY AWAY from roofing period! He has seen his fair share of individuals come and go. There will be a handful of people that come in sign up, go out on the field and basically call it quits once they have to climb that ladder to make that repair.

Candidates are fully trained and are put through hours of education and on field “shadowing” before going full time on their own. He believes some have it in them to pull this dangerous and demanding job off and some simply don’t. He has also seen workers overcome fears they thought they never would to become top notch roofers.

If you are in any way interested in applying to a roofers union in your area, go for it. Check out a quick video on roofing.

Head over to our contact page if the links above do not help. We will respond to your request in a timely manner, we do have several request a day and can sometimes get backed up with responding. Hope you enjoyed the insight that was provided today.

Written By Alex