The Best Catering in Town

kitchen-731351_1920As Per our last post I wanted to follow up on the awesome opportunities that reside in the catering industry. There is one particular catering company looking to expand in the industry. For those who did not make the job fair, do not worry your little head we are here to make sure that everyone has equal opportunity to apply for open positions.

We will provide you a link that will provide all the Intel you will need to apply for a position. There were more than a dozen companies at our job fair. They all had one objective in mind, be the best.

Click this link to apply for a Catering job in your area.

There were loads of companies from different industries presenting their brand. They wanted to show us all why they are the best at what they do. We can say for sure that the catering industry was represented well. Now, there were some companies that did not pass our quality test.

We will not put those particular companies on blast, we are not here for that. Always keep in mind that when you do showcase who and what you are, make sure everything is up to par. Most news blogs would have slammed and potentially destroyed this catering company. We would never tarnish the reputation of a company, we let businesses do that to themselves.

The point of our blog site is to display some of the best businesses in their industry. The first thing we look for is by far the most important factor in business. We like to make sure that customers are satisfied and taken care of bottom line. All the businesses that submit to be apart of our job fair go through a thorough quality test. We will share some of the requirements we go through with all of our business owners.

  1. Customer Care-How are customers taken care of?
  2. Product-What are you offering consumers? Why are you different?
  3. System-How are the customers taken care of? How fast are they served?
  4. Follow-Up-Do you respond to customer complaints? Do you follow up with a customer satisfaction survey?

chefs-hat-23436_1280We have a 20 point system to make sure these companies are operating on an elite level. Some may say that our system may be a little extreme, but we feel it is necessary to run. We want to make sure all customers and employees are taken care of. Happy Employees equals happy customers, the math is that simple.

Head over to our contact page if you want a copy of our 20 point system. Most companies have responded well to our 20 point system. Some have said that is has helped their employees increase overall customer service skills. If you would like your company to be featured at our next job fair please reach out. We have also left a link at the top if this article for all the folks who wanted to apply for catering jobs in their area.We are hoping to take our job fair and 20 point system on the road with us. We plan on going on a 20 state job fair tour. We will keep our readers posted on our next stop.



Written By Alex