The Best Catering in Town

kitchen-731351_1920As Per our last post I wanted to follow up on the awesome opportunities that reside in the catering industry. There is one particular catering company looking to expand in the industry. For those who did not make the job fair, do not worry your little head we are here to make sure that everyone has equal opportunity to apply for open positions.

We will provide you a link that will provide all the Intel you will need to apply for a position. There were more than a dozen companies at our job fair. They all had one objective in mind, be the best.

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East Side Job Fair Preview


The East Side Patriot has been revived and designed to give all of our readers up to date information about the workforce and where opportunities may lie for employment. There are a number of industries in need of folks with special skills that can be hired to carry out specific request. There will be representatives from each area looking for the best of the best to work with their company. From your local target digital marketing company to the roofers union and moving companies, employers are looking for local pros to help their business thrive.

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