Resume and Cover Letters

Resume 2When applying for a job or attending job fairs, it is always important to be prepared. Not only should you show up on time and dressed to impress, you must show up with a completed resume and cover letter. When we spread the word to our partners about our events they all come out looking for the best in the industry. When reps from each industry come out they come looking to prospect only the best. We want to share with you how cover letters and resumes should be formatted for potential employers.

Following well laid out examples should help you prepare for any position in many popular industries. You could apply to niagara caterers, moving specialists or limousine services just to name a few. First impressions are everything and being on top of your game will set you ahead of everyone else who walks through the door. I have seen my fair share of folks come in for job interviews and get denied because they were not prepared.

You may have all the experience in the world, but something about that first meeting might knock you out the running. Resume and cover letters will really launch you ahead of the pack.

The East Patriot has also decided to start a program for individuals who need the extra help with completing a resume or cover letter. Click here to send your info over and we will contact you all individually. We will launch this as a free service no worries about having to pay. We have a team that has years of experience of creating what you need in any industry. A quality representation of who you are is the difference between being employed and unemployed.

We can say with great pride that our job fairs have been very successful at connecting employers with qualified employees. Our strategies and marketing have put us at the top of the game, helping others is our mission. Up until recently, we would meet privately with folks who paid top dollar for consultation services with us. Now we have noticed the need in assisting folks with improving their resume and cover letter writing skills.

ResumeWe will be launching a new campaign promoting 6 new job fairs in 6 cities. We want to reach out to as much people as possible. Interacting with a business owner is a totally different situation, they are the guy’s doing all the hiring. We also train and consulate with some biz owners as well, as hard as it is to believe prospects can run the business better than the actual owner. Business owners are preoccupied with running their company resulting in their personal skills deteriorating over time.

It is imperative that both sides, the employee and the business owners are well trained and compatible with each other. It should not just be on the employee to impress, business owners need to step their game up as well and be prepared to impress as well.

Please feel free to follow the links above and sharpen those resume and cover letter writing skills. See you all soon and best of luck.

P.S. Do not forget to reach out if you need that extra help with producing your resume and cover letter.

Written By Alex