East Side Job Fair Preview


The East Side Patriot has been revived and designed to give all of our readers up to date information about the workforce and where opportunities may lie for employment. There are a number of industries in need of folks with special skills that can be hired to carry out specific request. There will be representatives from each area looking for the best of the best to work with their company. From your local target digital marketing company to the roofers union and moving companies, employers are looking for local pros to help their business thrive.

If you have a passion for cooking and setting up for functions, joining a catering company may not be a bad idea. If you are really driven why not operate your own company? There are a large number of successful entrepreneurs who have turned there love for cooking into a booming business. This is just one example of how to start right here. Ultimately the choice is yours, the opportunity is available.

I remember as I child my dad would be out the house by 6am in the morning. I later found out that he did that everyday religiously because he was a Roofer. He loved anything to do with construction, roofing was his thing. If you have a thing for heights and climbing ladders like my dad did, I would suggest catching up with some of the reps who will be at our next town event. Sign up for the Roofers union if you get a rush when faced with danger. I personally hate anything to do with roofing but if there is an opportunity here for a new career path why not follow it?

Reps from a local moving company will be in attendance as well looking for drivers and customer service reps. If you do not have a CDL, no worries the company is offering to pay for your classes if you are really serious. Another awesome piece of this company is the customer service position. it requires no licensing or real experience. They mentioned to our staff that they are simply looking for someone reliable and responsible and most importantly willing to learn.

Now, Crane operators may be the most intimidating job that will be offered at our fair. From what our team gathered it will be a high demand job, the reps told us they are looking for folks with experience. If you do not have experience but fall under other certain categories you may be considered. If you have experience as foreman, construction working, forklift operator you will be considered.

We will try to provide all of our readers with the most value possible and continue to connect you all with local opportunities. These are just a few of the industries that will be represented at our next Job Fair. I will keep you posted on some powerhouse companies that are always looking to grow their staff. I would also encourage you to consider being your own boss. Maybe you can reserve a slot at the next fair.

I would most certainly consider featuring new Business Owners on our review site. Only on the East Side!

Written By Alex