Resume and Cover Letters

Resume 2When applying for a job or attending job fairs, it is always important to be prepared. Not only should you show up on time and dressed to impress, you must show up with a completed resume and cover letter. When we spread the word to our partners about our events they all come out looking for the best in the industry. When reps from each industry come out they come looking to prospect only the best. We want to share with you how cover letters and resumes should be formatted for potential employers.

Following well laid out examples should help you prepare for any position in many popular industries. You could apply to niagara caterers, moving specialists or limousine services just to name a few. First impressions are everything and being on top of your game will set you ahead of everyone else who walks through the door. I have seen my fair share of folks come in for job interviews and get denied because they were not prepared.

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The Roofers Union

RoofingAnother day, another post on the current status of job opportunities. My uncle runs 24 hour towing Aurora Colorado and knows a respected individual from Denver that represents the roofers union across the country. I did ask if I could profile him on our site and push his brand for folks to see but he kindly declined.

However he did mention wanting to expand across these areas and recruit more men and women. He has been in the roofing game for about 20 years, he is well known and respected. When it comes down to the unions he is a pit-bull and stands up for what he believes in, that’s creating jobs. I will be posting two links below, one representing the U.S. Roofers unions and the other Representing Canada.

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